Carl Ollivier-Gooch

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Member of UBC's Institute for Computing, Information, and Cognitive Systems and Institute for Applied Mathematics.

Research Interests

My research at the University of British Columbia is focused in the area of computational fluid dynamics. In particular, I am interested in

  • Compressible computational fluid dynamics on unstructured meshes. My group is a leader in the development of highly accurate, highly efficient solution schemes for transonic aerodynamics in complex configurations.
  • Aerodynamic optimization. We are currently working to leverage our solver technology to create more accurate and efficient optimization tools.
  • Scalable unstructured mesh generation, quality improvement, and refinement. This work is being done as part of the Interoperable Tools for Advanced Petascale Simulation project. This work builds on our in-house research mesh generation toolkit, GRUMMP (Generation and Refinement of Unstructured Mixed Element Meshes in Parallel). See the GRUMMP webpage for more information, including how to download the software.
  • Impact of unstructured mesh quality on solution quality. The quality of a computed solution on any mesh depends on the quality of the mesh. The connection between the two is little understood, and is especially hard to get a handle on for unstructured meshes. We are beginning to look at this question, with the goal of eventually producing meshing tools that will be sensitive not just to cell size and anisotropy requirements, but to other more subtle mesh issues that affect solution quality.
  • For recent publications from my research group, see this page.


    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    The University of British Columbia
    6250 Applied Science Lane
    Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

    Phone: 604-822-1854
    FAX: 604-822-2403